Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peas are in!

Good news. The peas are in the ground! This year I am trying a new one: Sugar Lace bush snap peas. The package says 68 days to maturity. I can't wait!. I did put up some tomato cages for them even though the package says they are self-supporting. Having them climb a bit seems more orderly. The slug bait will have to be put out soon. So I have two tomato cages for the peas and I planted the seeds about 2 inches apart. I might plant another set in a few weeks.

Other news this week. I've started some seeds in my little indoor greenhouses. Here is what I've started so far:
1. Lettuce Gourmet Blend-a mix of Buttercrunch, Grand Rapids, Red Sails, and Parris Island Romaine
2. Jalapeno Early Pepper
3. Italian Parsley
4. Roma VF Tomato
5. White Lisbon Bunching Onion
6. Greek Oregano
7. Chives
8. Italian Large Leaf Basil
9. Broccoli Waltham 29

Just glad to have a start on planting this year! This weekend if it stays dry I plan to get the radish and carrot seeds in the ground.

The hydrangeas got pruned on Monday. I just cut off the old flowers and stems that didn't have any new growth, and pruned it down so there are a couple spots of new growth on the stems that I left. It looks neater at least and I think I left enough green for some flowers to grow on this year. Time will tell.

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