Monday, March 23, 2009

Waiting out the cold and drizzle

Today is a cold damp day, just in the mid 40's.
I thought I'd share some of my project plans and a pretty ground cover.

Here is my small vegetable plot out in the back.
I'll get my peas started in a week or two out there and also try getting some lettuce growing soon. You might be shocked that the peas aren't in yet, but really, it snowed just last week! I think I have some time. Right now there is some cardboard covering the plot in an effort to keep weeds from getting too much of a head start.

Here is a row of roses freshly pruned and ready for some new growth. They came with the house and I don't know what kind they are. They have very large and nicely scented roses. One is pink and the other is more peachy colored with pink in the center. The one on the far right always battles powdery mildew and grows like it might be a climber???

Here is something that needs work. The hydrangea at the corner of the house. I just learned that it should have been pruned after it flowered last summer. Well, I plan to prune it this evening. We will see what happens after that!

My favorite ground cover at the moment. It's a rock cress. I picked 3 of these up at Carpenito's three or four years ago and was so surprised when they came back the next year! They are planted in a very hot, sunny south facing bed in the back and are largely neglected in the summer. I love them because they have spread more each year and take very little effort to keep around. I learned to snip them back a bit in early spring and again after they flower. It is so nice to go out and be surprised by their early flowering. Last spring, I bought a few more to put out front.

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