Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After taking a year off (and baby makes five), I look forward to returning to my garden blog.  Unfortunately, at the time of my return, there is not much happening in the garden.  It is presently cold and raining, which is great for our new plum tree. 

We are growing a lot of parsley right now.  Most of it was self-seeded.  We have the addition of two pet bunnies, so they are enjoying the abundance of parsley.  There is a healthy kale plant sitting out there, as well as several bunches of Swiss chard.  

We look forward to early spring, when we hope to see a reasonable harvest from the eight asparagus plants, as it will be their third year in the garden.  This past spring, I would bring in a spear or two every week to split with the family.  Maybe we will get more healthy portion sizes of asparagus in 2013!