Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's Growing in January?

 So, today is January 1, 2013.  What could there be growing out in the garden?  What is ready to harvest?  More than one might think.  But bundle up and harvest quickly because the weather outside is chilly.  A quick peek and I found some beets ready for digging, tucked among our plentiful parsley.  I've found that beets keep fine in the garden until the weather warms up and they start to bolt (go to seed).  Once that happens, they start to get woody inside and not so good for eating.

This kale plant is not phased one bit by any of the low temperatures it has faced so far.  What I find more interesting is that this particular plant is over a year old.  I chopped it down last spring to harvest, but left the roots in the ground.  It sprouted back to life from the old roots!

 Swiss chard.  I planted it because it's said to be a good cold weather crop.  But then I just watched the plants grow for a while, unsure of how to eat it!  Finally I got brave and harvested some for eating. 

 I blanched the leaves in boiling water for about two minutes, until they shrank down.  Then I put them under cold water and drained them.  Next I chopped them up. I mixed up a batch of eggs for for crustless quiche (also known as impossible quiche) and poured it over the chard leaves with chopped ham, just like I would with any other veggy I put in quiche.  I topped it with feta cheese and baked it about an hour, and a new favorite was born in our house.   I'm the only real soup-eater in the family, otherwise soup would be an easy place to use chard.  The baby leaves are also great in salad. 

Can you believe this rose?  Picture taken December 30th, 2012.  No kidding.  Must be the south facing side of the house that keeps it going.  Gotta love that south side.  

Just me, curled up on the couch this cold first morning of 2013, with my cup of coffee and brand new Territorial Seed Catalog.  Getting perhaps a bit too inspired by their color photography and energetic descriptions.

Happy Winter Gardening!  Anything growing where you are?