Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Early Bloomers and the Return of the Bumblebee

Who would not be happy to see these beautiful dark purple crocuses growing in their own backyard? All I can say is, "I want more!" The good news is, in my garden research, I have read that crocuses usually naturalize quickly, which means I will most likely have more...someday. These are the crocuses I was worried that I buried too deep, so it's extra wonderful to have them now.
More and more daffodils in the front border. The little ones have been naturalizing quickly. When my Grandma came up to visit one spring about six years ago, she gave me a little pot with daffodils and tulips to put by the front door. When they were done flowering that year, I moved the bulbs to the garden and hoped some would come back. I think most of them did and it's always nice to remember Grandma's visit when these flowers come back each year.

Bumblebees are very loud. By the sound of this one's "buzz", you'd think he was unfriendly, but he was kind enough to stop for a photo-op on the rosemary bush.

Other Work in the Garden:

I set the sweet pea starts out along the side fence in the backyard. Husband stapled twine to the fence for me so the sweet peas will have something to grow on. We had a minor catastrophe when I used my organic fertilizer to amend the soil along the fence-line. Apparently, the bone meal in my Whitney Farm's All-Purpose Plant Food was too much of a temptation for the neighbor's dog, who tried to dig under the fence to get at it. Our other neighbors saw the dog poking through the fence and gave us a call, but by then husband was already on his way to plug the hole with concrete and put up a few new fence boards. You never saw such and instantaneous fence repair! A few of the sweet peas were a bit trampled, but they seem pretty tough and I think they will all survive. I am waiting a bit nervously for them to grow. I just don't know what to expect as I've never grown them or even remember seeing them firsthand. Will definitely post pictures as they grow.

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