Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waiting Not Quite Patiently

I'm so happy to see these crocuses and daffodils emerging in the backyard. I thought I might have dug them in too deep, but they are making their way up just fine. I saw one being gnawed on by a slug so I spread Worry Free Slug and Snail bait around. Still waiting to see a flower from any of the bulbs, but it's great to see their leaves at least.

Here is our Rosemary bush in the back. Always has lovely blue flowers in early spring. It really likes this dry southern exposure spot under the eaves.

Camellia is getting ready to bloom!

Our Bergenia are reliable perennials. They are getting pretty crowded so it's time soon to attempt to thin them out. Suffered a bit of frost bite but giving us some nice early flowers. I had to laugh when I read this description from our Sunset Western Garden Book: "Will endure neglect, poor soil, and some drought..." Yep sounds like a plant for me!

The Magnolia is tucked back in a shady corner.

I went seed shopping and came back with spinach, carrot, round green zucchini, and shelling pea seeds. Also spent some time thinking of plans for an additional vegetable garden plot in the back. It's still a bit too early to plant outside but I might try a few seeds in mid-March just to see what happens.

Toddler and I planted some sweet pea seeds in peat pots last weekend and have them in my mini greenhouse trays inside near a sunny window. I cracked a corner off each seed coat with nail clippers to aid in germination, as the seed pack suggested.

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