Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Day's Harvest

Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, miniature bell peppers, the last few tiny zucchini, one small, oddly-shaped cucumber, a handful of green beans and a bunch of "Easter Egg" radishes. Not a bad harvest from my little garden as summer creeps away and fall sneaks in.


  1. You're up against tough conditions. I'm sure that if you lived in the SE, you'd be swimming in zucchini (and squash, even if you don't plant it, somehow it shows up). Love the Roma tomatoes.

  2. The freezer has bags of sliced zucchini and the extra fridge has too many spaghetti squash already. Zucchini is a great starter vegetable for anyone who wants to garden but is afraid of failure. The season is short for the tomatoes but I start them inside early and hope they ripen before the first frost. I also grew them against a south wall to keep them warm. It worked this year. I just don't try to grow beefsteak tomatoes...yet.

  3. Yeah, we had fortune with tomatoes in Alabama, but in your neck of the woods...tough plant to time properly. Rains cause rot, etc. Have you seen that upside down tomato device? I'm intrigued.

    Isn't that wild?