Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvesting While Planning for Next Spring

Just into fall and we are still harvesting. Today we had spaghetti squash, miniature red bell peppers, and a cucumber with dinner.

I have three bowls of Roma tomatoes on the counter along with one of cherry tomatoes. I need to chop, seed and freeze the tomatoes.

I'm still harvesting handfuls of green beans. Every few days I'll have enough beans for two dinner servings. There are still a few green onions growing, but their tips are starting to yellow so I'm trying to use those up. There are two or three zucchini out on almost dead plants, so I think I'll pick them tomorrow. The alpine strawberries are producing several red berries daily, which toddler enjoys to forage.

Let's not forget the carrots, though it's easy to do since they are mostly underground. There are still several carrots growing. I've been harvesting them as needed or when toddler thinks it would be fun to dig in the garden.

The broccoli is producing, but the heads are so tiny that they just flower before they seem big enough to pick. I haven't had any, but it's another thing that I let toddler pick and eat as desired.

As far as herbs, there is still basil and oregano growing which I should probably harvest and dry before the cold gets to them. The chives and parsley should be fine left to grow through the winter.

In hopes of a later fall harvest, I have a set of radishes started. Some are ready to be picked and served to toddler, who loves them. Also started are three lettuce plants, more green onions, cilantro, dill and parsley. I'm not sure how much these late plantings will produce, but I had the seeds and the ground so it's worth a try.

Today we had a field trip to Furney's Nursery to find bulbs to plant for flowers next spring. Here is what I have to put in the ground:

  1. Narcissus "Tete-a-Tete"
  2. Blue Hyacinth orientalis
  3. Anemone Blanda Mix
  4. Crocus chrysantus
  5. Bearded Iris Raspberry Blush
  6. Dutch Iris Blue Ribbon
  7. Iris danfordiae
  8. Chionodoxa luciliae
  9. Puschkinia libanotica

Quite a list. I'm sure I'll get tired of digging! But the hardest part is planning, deciding where to put them.

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