Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carnations and Salad

I wish you could smell these! I enjoy these perennial carnations. Why? They come back every year and thrive in the hottest, driest spot in my garden. I just cut them back in the fall when they are all done blooming. Well, once in a while during the summer I do pluck the spent blooms and pick some for a vase. I do wish I'd planned the spot better. There is a big Rosemary bush in front of them! I didn't know the Rosemary would get that big. It was so tiny when I put it in.
An aerial view of the vegetable garden. You can see the lettuce patch has filled in pretty well. We are having salad every night. This week, I was able to add green onions from the garden to our salad. The peas in the cages are blossoming. The first set of carrots are just about ready. The beans and cucumbers are getting closer to grabbing onto their trellis at the far right. The broccoli is at the far left. I'm not sure what will happen with those, but I will keep watering them and see what they do.
In those empty looking patches are small zucchini plants and several rows of carrots and green onions whose seedlings are just starting to emerge.


  1. Hi Kim, I was hoping to see an updated picture of your garden. I'm curious if you are picking zucchini yet. The most interesting thing I have going is the four oclocks growing under the outer edges of the apple tree. They are filling in through the branches of the tree and the blossoms look like the apple tree is making them. Also, I have a few ears of corn forming. We've picked four zucchini. Things are coming along pretty good, but it makes it hard to think about taking a vacation, because it is so much like a jungle out there that I don't know if anyone else could manage it while we were gone. You have to know that some things are practically hidden under other plants. And there are only certain places left where you can walk into the garden. I think it is a jungle. I wouldn't be surprised to see a monkey or an anaconda. There are several garter snakes. Well, I hope you enjoy these days of good growth both in your plants and in your children. Hope to see pictures soon. Dad

  2. Yes, I remember seeing that garter snake out there. It really is a jungle. When I was little I thought garter snakes were "gardener snakes." Maybe I was on to something.