Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pretty Flowers, Sad Radishes

It's so good to see flowers from last year reappearing in the front garden. The pansies I started from seed last year didn't seem to do too well last summer. But here they are making a nice show and surprising me with their presence. The blue ground cover is Lithodora "Grace Ward." I picked it up at Carpenito's last spring because everyone else in the neighborhood has it and it seems to do really well. I think it got a bit of frost bite so I trimmed it up and it's starting to spread nicely. In the background is some Pink Creeping Phlox.

These bluebells might be weeds to some; they spread so easily. But they put on an easy show early on, so I think I'll keep them around. I found a patch of them by a bush when we first moved here, and a few years later, I dug some bulbs up and spread them along the borders of the front flower garden. They spread quickly but they are done by the end of May, so I'll be pulling up their greenery soon and you won't know they were ever there, until next year when they come again. Those are forget-me-nots up behind the blue-bells. Those spread really quickly. I love the flowers but I think it's time to start keeping them in check.
Also reappearing are dwarf dahlias that I started from seed last year. Wasn't sure if they'd make it since I didn't dig up the tubers for winter. I love surprises! Especially the non-weed kind.
Out in the vegetable garden, I dug up more radishes only to find almost all have been eaten or picked at by something. Lots of holes and trails around the outside. I salvaged what I could. I wonder what got to them? I was going to seed more carrots in that patch, but I think I'll try a different spot.
Went on a shopping trip with the babies and got some Ozark Beauty strawberry plants. I'll put them in containers. Also got a parsley plant since mine aren't growing.
I have 6 spaghetti squash starts inside. Probably more than I'll need. Seeded some cucumbers and beans out by the trellis fence in the veggie garden. The lettuce is looking really good out there, and the peas are starting to grab on to the cages. Still lots more I wish I could do but I guess I'm keeping busy enough. Gave away lots of tomato plants and now have two Romas and four Sweet 100 cherries. Bought canning supplies last week so I plan to can any extras this year!

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  1. I was reading the Get Rich Slowly Blog and he mentioned that tomatoes must be in the ground on Memorial Day, because their growing season is pretty tight. Too soon and they get either washed out or frosted, too late and no crop. The blog's author (JD) is located in Oregon, so his weather is probably similar to yours and he and his wife (Kris) are also detailing their gardening adventures. I live in Las Vegas, so I drip irrigate my xeriscape, but have done well with very little water and native plants. Vicariously enjoying your blog.