Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leggy Seedlings

Leggy Red Sails Lettuce
There are some vegetables that I don't remember ever seeing in a garden before. I've only seen them cut up at the grocery store or on my plate. Lettuce is one of those, as is broccoli. So I start my lettuce seed inside and, not knowing what the plant should look like, don't think anything is wrong when they are all falling over. That must just be how lettuce is, right? Hmmm so then I do a little Google search for advice about growing lettuce, and I find out that fallen over lettuce is called "leggy." Same goes for broccoli. I have leggy lettuce and leggy broccoli. Well I'm giving them a chance. They are all out there in the garden. Leggy lettuce has been out for a couple of weeks; broccoli for several days. The lettuce seems to be getting stronger. Some of the broccoli stems broke in a heavy rain. I'm seeding directly into the garden in case the first don't make it.

I'm always learning!

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