Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset



I fell off the blogging wagon.  Actually, the garden got neglected as well.  It began with shopping for shoes.  
 Then school uniforms.  Pencils, crayons, paints & paper.  Socks.  A thermos.  Last chance visits to the zoo
and trips to the park.  Chasing the toddler who's really a runner.  Then the morning rush out the door, tending to the needs of the little ones at home, busy afternoons of homework and cooking.  It was an accomplishment just to bring in some chives to throw in with the rice.

I didn't harvest the basil.  I didn't bring in the green tomatoes before the first frost.  The last of the green beans are just turning into compost right where they grew.  

We did get some zucchini, eventually, and used most of it.  We kept the strawberries picked and even have a few bags in the freezer.  I dug one out yesterday and made a smoothie.  We do have several bags of frozen raspberries, waiting for me to decide to make some pie.  

Next spring, we will try again.  Next summer, I will try to harvest better.  The kids are begging for pesto pasta and I am so regretful that I didn't process that basil into bags of frozen pesto.  

In the meantime, we are so blessed to live in view of a great mountain that gives us spectacular shows more often than not, especially on our coldest days.  Both of my Mount Rainier pictures were from yesterday, December 11.   Now about paying off that neighbor to trim back their tree....

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