Monday, May 27, 2013

Berry Blossoms and Fruit

Cascade Raspberry Blossom
 It's been a little rainy around here, but we've been getting some breaks.  I took advantage of a few dry minutes to get pictures of our berry blossoms. 

Draper Blueberry Blossoms

Seascape Strawberry Ripening
 Not quite June, and we have a red strawberry already!  As soon as I saw this berry showing some color, I dug out the bird net and netted that patch!  (And sprinkled child/pet-safe slug bait).  I know the resident robin family would love to snack on this berry.  I think I'll let the kids split it tomorrow.  There are several more showing some red out there.  Preschooler has been begging for strawberry pie.  Just another week or so and I hope to make one!

Seascape Strawberry Patch by the House

Self-Seeded Cilantro Patch in the Garden

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