Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Garden is Built

It turns out my original vegetable garden plot was surrounded by creosote soaked railroad ties. So we relocated the vegetable garden to a sunnier spot in the yard and made it a raised bed. The old spot will be used to grow hummingbird-friendly plants.

The first design for the new raised garden didn't seem quite right.

So we tore it down and stacked the bricks three high.

Husband spent a day in near-freezing temperatures finishing the garden walls. The finished size is 8 feet by 23 feet. Then I covered the grass inside with newspapers and lined the walls with black landscape plastic sheeting.

Next, husband spent a night hauling garden soil from the front yard, where we had it delivered, to the backyard raised garden. The best Valentine's gift ever. A new, raised garden. Now it's just going to sit and wait for the worms to come cultivate. I plan to start some peas in March.

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