Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Tomato

This afternoon, I was outside with preschooler watering my potted tomato and pepper plants. She was playing on the patio near me and I asked her to come over and see the pepper plants. She asked me if they were red and I told her they aren't yet, but they will be after they grow some more. She exclaimed happily, "I know where there's red!" I didn't really pay attention as she ran off to the other end of the yard. I still didn't pay attention as she came running back, "It's red! It's red!" Until she got closer. What I thought at first was a red strawberry, which the kids are allowed to pick at will, turned out to be the year's first red tomato. Which I had been watching and waiting for, waiting so it could fully ripen in the sun for best flavor. Well there it was, a little red grape tomato being proudly held up to the sun by my little preschool garden helper.

OK, so finder's keepers. After explaining that she must ask from now on before picking any tomatoes, I told her, "Well, you picked it I guess now you should eat it." She did, but later said it made her throat sore. It probably needed a few extra days to sweeten up, but the good news is that the tomato harvest has begun in our little garden!

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