Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yes, that is a new word. Mayuary means a time when a given area has the exact same weather in May as it did in January. As is happening here. A few days ago, we had a winter storm warning with high winds and snow up in the mountains. The good thing is, the snow pack is back up and once again we have no worries for drought this summer. Nonetheless, our high summer water rates are back. I really wish I had another option to water my garden, but all we have is city water. Anyways, right now it's a balmy 49 degrees outside on this 5th day of May 2010. I'll admit it's a little humorous. I'll also admit that I am tired of the chilly weather and I am wishing for a perfect 73 degree day. The lettuce is just sitting out there barely growing and the spinach looks extremely sad. Looks like my cold weather plants have some more time left. The peas are growing happily as are the strawberries.

Which brings me to the battle against ants and their aphids. I have learned that little sugar type ants farm aphids. The ants bring aphids into their nests and keep them over the winter, then in the spring, the ants plant the aphids onto your favorite plants with new growth, and farm them. Sometimes, the ants remove the aphids' wings so they will just stay in one spot. Then the ants feed off of the "discharge" from the aphids as they suck on your plants. The ants also go after the natural predators of aphids, such as ladybugs and their larvae. What I have done is allow husband to go after the ants any way he chooses, because only by getting the ants can we control the aphids. I'm refusing to spray my plants with anything besides insecticidal soap, so it works to let husband go after the ant nests as he hunts and destroys them. I hope we can get the ants under control, then I plan to buy some extra ladybugs and "plant" them in our yard to build the ladybug population back up. I'm providing a link to one of the many articles on this creepy ant behavior:

In other news, I was curious as to why some of my tomato plants have leaves curling inwards while they otherwise look fine. I found an interesting article that put my worries to rest. I will just try to water more carefully and hope for the best. Here is a link to the article in case your tomatoes are doing the same:

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